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Promotions: Sam Gallegher to A Grade

Joshua Sek to A Grade

Cooper McCormick to B Grade

Christopher Russell to B Grade


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Men’s A Grade


1. Patrick Lane  Melbourne
2. Raphael Freienstein SKCC
3. David Williams CCCC

Men’s B Grade

1. Sam Gallagher Blackburn
2. Jamieson Gontier CCCC
3. Joshua Sek Melbourne

Women’s B Grade

1. Kobi Merchant Brunswick
2. Isla Bradbury SKCC

Men’s C Grade

1. Mark Seddon HCC
2. Cooper McCormick Preston
3. Joshua Davis CCCC

Women’s C Grade

1. Sarah Doyle Blackburn
2. Sophie Sutton Blackburn

Men’s D Grade

1. Kurt Proctor-Parker CCCC
2. Liam Larkins HCC
3. Joel Kaplan CCCC



Cycling Clinic


1. Max Goold SKCC
2. Kristian Aparo CCCC
3. Nathan Church CCCC