Race Report By Jeff Stewart

A mild summers evening saw reduced numbers due to Christmas Holidays and the final race of the Bay Series, but this didn’t diminish the quality of the racing, particularly in the higher grades. The riders were greeted with a head wind down the long endless finish straight with the corresponding tail wind up the back straight hill. Post race presentations continue to entertain with Club President Robert Tighello asking all the probing questions of the winners with that great echo effect on the speaker.

Novice Cycling Clinic

A modest number of novice juniors begun the racing well marshalled by the Carnegie faithful lead by the Junior Development Program (JDP) Coach Rob Koraknai. As the racing begun so did the attacks with the kids wanting to show the onlookers who was the strongest. With2 laps to go Bailey Killingsworth laid a big attack on the other novice riders but was quickly neutralised. Coming into the sprint Tiana Skafte drew clear of the small pack to the win comfortably from the ever improving Bailey Killingsworth, B Grewcock in 3rd with Cooper Leaper in 4th.

D Grade

The D grade was controlled for the first few laps and the field contained the usual mix of juniors that have recently graduated from the novice clinic and older newer cyclists learning their race craft. A few individual breaks were made towards the end with Lachlan Green 1st and John Marr 2nd breaking well clear to finish in that order a few hundred meters clear of the fast finishing bunch lead by Loui Kloukinas for 3rd. First Women’s rider was Alyssa Poilites showing some good form on the back of the recent Christmas Carnivals.

C Grade

The C grade pace was up and down through out with a good size field. Many individual breaks were attempted but all bought back in the headwind. In closing laps there was a few splits that opened up in the bunch but they were closed down over the final laps as the bell sounded a bunch kick was on the cards. Joel Baron made an early dash in the sprint and looked like he had the win but faded as the fit and fast looking Dwayne Peter- Budge took the sprint win comfortably from Travis Stewart and Joel Baron hanging on for 3rd.

B Grade

The B grade field although down on numbers was not down on attacks as the young aggressors mainly the CCCC U17’s and U19’s all wanting to escape the filed. Attacks came through out from notably Michael Junior-McRitchie, Anakin Williams and Max Stewart. As the race came through for 2 laps to go Junior-McRitchie had good 15 second gap on a cagey looking field with nobody wanting to make a move and drag somebody else across, stalemate. As the bell rang with one final lap Junior McRitchie hung on to his lead as the bunch headed into the back straight for the final time. Towards the top of the rise Stewart attacked the bunch alone in pursuit of Junior-McRitchie and passed him to stay clear of a fast sprinting bunch to take the win with Will Allen and Rudy Porter 3rd.

A Grade

A somewhat reduced A grade put on great race with attack after attack right from the start. The field spilt a few times mid through the race with a group of 3 and another group of 3 drawing clear of now depleted A grade field. Winner-aholic, Tommy Nankervis found himself in the 2nd group of 3 for a short of period and used his power house sprinting to close the gap to the front select group. With the bell ringing could international cyclist Raphael Freienstein put an end to the winning streak of Nankervis sprinting from the small select group. As the group entered the finish straight it was Freienstein that came into view first having jumped Nankervis to take an early lead. It wasn’t long before the pink sleeves of Nankervis could be seen peeling of Freienstein’s wheel and blasting past to another clear sprint win.

Riders Promoted

Dwayne Peter-Budge CCCC Up to B Grade

Tiana SKAFTE CCCC Up to WC at Glenvale only