Mark Ferguson Foots Up to A Grade

Sophie Sutton Morn Up to WC at Glenvale only

With no racing Sunday at Glenvale and our next crit not until 3rd January numbers were up as riders fronted for what was to many their last racing opportunity til the new year. Or was it just the free pizza on offer for the Christmas celebration.

Just like the previous week the near windless conditions meant that racing would be fast, peletons strung out in single file and no breaks deciding the final outcomes.

Cycling Clinic

The club continues to tweak the format of this session to best fit the wide range of requirements of a group of youngsters who have a hugely varied experience and current capabilities. Under the control period the youngsters displayed and ever improving ability to hold wheels. After the shackles came of all rode hard to the level of their respective physical development. Sophie Sutton crossed the line first, Ethan Rowland second, with Tiana Skafte third and Tate Grunden fourth.

D Grade

Whilst under control the D Grade bunch rode 6 to 8 wide however when the hammer dropped, the increased pace narrowed this to about 4 wide. This formation continued with few changes and not many break away attempts. Anyone that did have the audacity to try to escape was quickly hauled back in by a strong peleton working well together. In a closely fought bunch sprint Dinesh George took the honours ahead of Jonathon Reece, Greg Webb was third and Ben Aitken fourth.

As first women across the line Doona Meehan took the C Grade women’s prize.

C Grade

Again this was a race controlled by the bunch who were determined that nobody was to form a selection that would define the final outcome. With one to go, a lone rider attacked after crossing the line for the penultimate time getting 60 seventy metres before the horse crossing. The rider was hauled back in during the lap as the bunch was all together rounding the last corner. Andrew Martin proved to be the rider of the night with Dwayne Peter-Budge second, Luke Morrison third and Travis Stewart fourth.

The ladies battled hard and fast and held their own with the men with Anna MacKay first of the B Grade women and Bianca Pickett not far behind.

B Grade

B Grade spent most of the night strung out two abreast. many short live breaks were attempted but the peloton gave nobody more that a small amount of daylight before saying enough is enough and reeling in the rope to reunite themselves with those that strayed. With only a few laps to go 4 riders took their chance and started to establish a promising gap but luck was not to be with them and they like all other attempts became one with the peloton, In a result that drew the handicappers attention Mark Furgeson just had too much for everyone in the sprint. During presentations President Rob Tighello welcomed Mark to A grade for 2017. Rudy Porter crossed the line second close behind, with Nick Kiatos third, Matthew Freeman fourth and Jayden Manintveld fifth.

Grace Phang too strong in the A grade women’s category finishing ahead of Kirsty Deacon

A Grade

Numerous groups of riders tried their hand. Attempts to escape were made in ones, two, fives and sixes and even eleven at one stage. One hundred meters was the biggest gap achieved by anyone, but the inevitability of the capture almost became boring. The aggressiveness shown ensured that the peleton was strung out in single file for most of the night. Eventual winner Tommy Nankervis who had featured in an early break took another win two lengths ahead of Luke Parker, who had James Cummings hard on his wheel. Alexander Smyth just held out the fast finishing Callan Douglas for fourth, while Jeremy Cameron rounded out the placings with sixth.

It goes without saying that the volunteers efforts were again invaluable putting on a great nights racing followed by wonderfully tasty pizzas.