CCCC provides a well renowned comprehensive Junior Development Program for junior cyclists with an integrated pathway that can, and has, taken athletes from novices through to state, national and world champions.

The CCCC Junior Program has been doing this in some form for the last 20 or so years and the riders below are some of the most recent recipients of the CCCC junior training process.

Lucy Stewart (2020 U17 NJTS Champion, Teams Pursuit Record Holder)

Alyssa Polites (2019 Australian U19 TT Champion, Teams Pursuit Record Holder)

Anakin Williams (2018 Junior World Cyclocross Representative)
Shane Perkins (Junior World Champion Sprint, Mutliple Australian Title holder and representative)

James Tickner (VIS, National Team Pursuit Record holder)

Evan Hull (VIS, Australian Junior Record Holder)

Jacob Schmid (NTID, Australian Junior Record holder)
Courtney Field (NTID, Australian Junior Record holder, World Junior Champion Korea 2014 Sprint, and silver in both 500m TT and Keirin)

Rick Sanders (2011 Junior Track Worlds Championships Team, Winner – Melbourne Cup on Wheels, 2010)

Luke Parker (2011 Junior Track World Championships, Australian Record holder)

Calvin Watson (2010 Junior Road World Championships, VIS)
Jack Cummings (2011 Junior Track World Championships, Australian Record holder, VIS)

Stephanie Hansen (2010 Junior Road World Championships, VIS)

Pat Lane (2009 Junior Worlds Representative, AIS)

Ben Sanders (Silver Medal Junior Worlds 2008 Team Sprint, Winner, Austral Wheelrace)

Simon Clarke (Junior World Champion Teams Pursuit, Tour de France, Vuelta d’Espana, Giro D’Italia, Australian Road Captain)

Tess Downing (Australian Toshiba Titans World Track long team World Championships Poland 2009)

Michael Ford (Junior World Champion Inpidual Pursuit)

Troy Clarke (Austral Wheelrace Winner)

Hilton Clarke Jr (US National Criterium Champion 2006, professional cyclist)

Johnny Clarke (Junior Worlds medalist, professional cyclist)

Simon Clarke as marshal Glenvale Crits

Everyone does their bit to help – Simon Clarke as marshal – click to enlarge