CCCC would like to extend a big thanks to Cycling Maven for coming out to VLOG at our Packer Park velodrome last Thursday. The Maven and his drone did a great job at filming the beautifully renovated track surface. CCCC are very fortunate to have its own velodrome and clubrooms here on the South Side of the city.

After our usual Thursday track session, we got down to business with a bit of a power (Step-Test) challenge between Tommy Nankervis and young David Williams. For those not in the know, a Step-Test is done on a trainer. The trainer resistance gradually increases in “steps” with the athlete pedalling until exhaustion. It’s all over in 15-20 minutes with only the last few minutes in the deep hurt. The power output of the final 90 seconds is a measure of an athlete’s Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP). A MAP result tells you something about an athlete’s engine. But as Tommy’s results have shown, not everything about a racer is determined by power numbers, sometimes the number pinned on your back says more…

By Harry Hanley

Watch It Here Cycling Maven