Many of The Clubs records have been lost over the years, however Carnegie Caulfield is keen to highlight the exemplary service given to The Club by its Life Members. The list below has been compiled through the hard work of Hilton Clarke. We hope that the list is complete however if you see that a name has been missed we ask that you contact us and provide us with any details you have.


09/11/1959 Jack Mc Gowan
24/06/1963 Bill Heppel
04/07/1966 Frank Neill
07/11/1984 John O’Sullivan
01/08/1996 Mick Hollingworth
01/10/1970 Robert Crowe
08/11/2003 Mal Sawford
22/10/2010 Hilton Clarke
22/10/2010 Micheal Gallagher
03/05/2012 Doug Moody
21/11/2016 John Groves
21/11/2016 Robert Koroknai