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Glenvale Crescent Crits Sunday March 25

Here are the results from a very cold morning at Glenvale Crescent this morning.

Unfortunately there’s no report today as I missed most of the A and C Grade races and have been ‘otherwise occupied’ for most of the afternoon.

I’m very pleased to report that I’ve been given the all clear by the great people at Monash. I also can’t speak highly enough of Lazer helmets and will be off to buy a new one tomorrow!

Thanks for all the well wishes, and assistance given to Ann Johnstone to get all races finished and the circuit packed up.

Mike Eaddy has sent through a bunch of great photos again, to see the full gallery visit:

Glenvale Crescent Crits
Sunday, March 25
A Grade 60 mins + 3 laps 36 starters
1 Luke Parker CCCC
2 Aaron Eynaud Blackburn
3 Alex Smyth CCCC
4 Brendan Rowbotham CCCC
5 Dale Woonton CCCC
6 Danny Kah CCCC
B Grade 1 hour + 3 laps 34 starters
1 Oscar Stevenson Hawthorn
2 Daniel Guerin CCCC
3 Alister Stuart CCCC
4 Craig Mitchell Hawthorn
5 Archie Stefanou CCCC
Women Carley MacKay CCCC
C Grade 50 mins + 3 laps 42 starters
1 Taj Chopra CCCC
2 Steven Payne Preston
3 Michael Stringer Blackburn
4 Morgan Curtis Hawthorn
Women Melissa Kah CCCC
D Grade 45 mins + 3 laps 26 starters
1 Drew Thorton CCCC
2 Alistair Proposch CCCC
3 Tom Lucas CCCC
4 Tim Proposch CCCC
Women Amber Saunders CCCC
2 Hannah MacDougall CCCC
E Grade 30 mins 16 starters
1 Alana Field CCCC
2 Harrison McClimont Blackburn
3 Bill Simpson CCCC
4 Ben Foster CCCC
5 Hugo Morgan Blackburn
6 Grace Mennen CCCC
7 Angus Mennen CCCC
8 Thomas Jones CCCC
9 Bradley Puts CCCC
10 Erin Thomas CCCC
11 Lele Kaltmann CCCC
12 Josh Heather CCCC
13 Ben Jones CCCC
15 Shanelle Freeman CCCC
15 Aden Green CCCC
16 Raphael Brazier CCCC

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