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  • 28/02/2017 – Sandown Twilight Crits 6:30 pm
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Month: November 2010

Sandown Twilight Crits Tuesday Movember 30

Written by Mo Sawford Most thought it was windy enough last week, but an even stronger wind tonight brought with it a new twist. Whereas the wind generally blows parallel to the main straight, tonight it came from the south-east, making both long straights tough slogs into a cross wind. Not surprisingly, most bunches


I see Mr Landis is still deflecting to others. It does amaze that a person who is proven to have no credability by his own actions get's the ear of others. I suppose money motivates and for the media sometimes any story is a good one. Many in cycling are OVER Mr Landis. He


We may all have differing views regarding the changes to the track cycling Olympic program for the London Olympics. My views I have made clear but we all see things from a different perspective. Anyway have a look at this interview with Pat McQuaid which explains the UCI logic in making the require changes.…eature=related


Dave Everett out form the UK to enjoy the CCCC Crits etc will think he is being conned. Last Sunday I was talking to him about us coming out of a drought in Victoria. Dave was amazed at the amount of rain so since then he's had a taste of plenty more. Dave ask


Your report on the Metro's is excellent Penny, very informative indeed. Reporting on such events is quite a time consuming task as Graham Fryer, Mal and all others who do so really know about. I am sure all the riders and readers appreciate the time and quality you have put into your reporting. Thanks


Whilst I don't begin to comment on the final outcome of the Contador situation I do agree with him that all the "Leaks" of information relating to his case are very poor. It really questions the credibility of some of these bodies when information is leaked on a regular basis. If information is leaked

CCCC at the Metro Track Champs

Written by Penny Robinson   CCCC at the "Metros" report The Metro track championships were held at DISC last weekend – the pursuit and time trials events were held on Saturday, and sprint and scratch events held on Sunday.  We had numerous juniors, and only a few seniors, taking part in the championships –

Trent & Bryce Morey at the RACV Energy Breakthrough

Written by Chris Peters Last Weekend, Trent and Bryce Morey represented Kingswood College at the RACV Energy Breakthrough 24 hour HPV race in Maryborough last weekend. Here is a photo showing Bryce getting back into the car with just hours to go late Sunday morning. The boys rode 4 stints each in the car. The sun shone


Some time ago I wrote about Don Allan and came across an article by Jamie Jowett through the Blackburn Club website. Don even as a young cyclist was very unassuming person. He raced in an era where very few Australians broke into international cycling, in particular on the road. For the better, young


Had a good restful day today and Beth and I went for a nice lunch at Heathmont. Was gonna ride to Sandown to race as I have lent Tim my truck. Weather radar does not look flash and don't fancy riding all this way home wet and in the dark. Must be getting old