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    John Cain wins Australian Masters 4 TT in Ballarat

    Written by Mal Sawford

    The Australian Masters Road Championships kicked off in Ballarat today with a 20km Individual Time Trial starting at the Victory Arch and tackling an out and back course along the Avenue of Remberance.

    Conditions were good, and the generally flat course descended slightly to the turn around, with the wond in rider's faces, but giving a little assistance on the gradual climb to the finish.

    With the TT specialists out in force, there were some sizzling times recorded. As is often the case in time trials, there was a little confusion with timing – most categories actually rode the course either one or two minutes slower than the results show, but the time gaps between riders in the same age group were all correct.

    John Cain (TFM-Celtic Decor) lived up to his pre-race favourtism from those in the know (which clearly didn't include the seeding panel!) with a great ride to win the M4 division. Nicole Whitburn (Prime Estate) claimed second in Womens M1.

    Narrowly missing medals were TFM-Celtic's Gerry Donnelly (4th M5), Dennis Bowen-Day (4th M7), Peter Quibell (5th M5), Paul Mason (8th M2), Bryan Walsh (9th M6) and Dan Ives (10th M8).

    Full results for CCCC riders (times are as published at the venue and may change)

    Place in Div
    Nicole Whitburn WMAS 1 29:40.62 2nd
    Paul Mason MMAS 2 25:22.29 8th
    Mal Sawford MMAS 3 26:20.29 17th
    John Cain MMAS 4 22:59.18 1st
    Gary Simondson MMAS 4 25:51.71 14th
    Stuart Wallace MMAS 4 26:24.26 17th
    Adrian Grech MMAS 4 28:42.70 28th
    Gerry Donnelly MMAS 5 25:50.10 4th
    Peter Quibell MMAS 5 26:00.85 5th
    Steven Cameron MMAS 5 28:18.45 19th
    Mark Cummings MMAS 5 30:09.66 24th
    Bryan Walsh MMAS 6 27:11.01 9th
    Peter McWeeney MMAS 6 28:51.60 14th
    Dennis Bowen-Day MMAS 7 26:27.43 4th
    Christian Requin MMAS 7 29:35.24 11th
    Dan Ives MMAS 8 31:31.55 10th


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