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    Month: August 2010


    This race started just out Ballarat Rd at Braybrook. It was a cold and very wet day. The course went up over the Pentland Hills and turned off at Ballan. The Pentlands were longer than today and narrow winding up to the top. After turning off at Ballan it got bloody cold and sleet.


    During my time of racing as a youngster Bill Long was the promoter of cycling at Olympic Park. Bill who also had a very successful Cycle Shop, Progress Cycles in Chapel St Prahran in addition he organised an ran the Victorian Schoolboys Championships for the For Good of Cycling Committee plus he published the


    Some years ago I wrote on this blog that the quality of riders racing Masters/Vets would keep pushing up in higher age groups. Reading a good article last night on the Southern Vets Website by Andrew Caithness (assume) I see Brad Daly is now Mas 6 55-59. If I can remember back 10 years


    From midnight tonight the Tour of Spain stage is live. I understand from SBS it will only be the Saturday and Sunday nights during the duration. Gonna go to bed and get up and watch a bit. Cheers and a safe week.


    Listening to David Mackenzie tonight on Cycling Central he commented that he thought the team selected to represent Australia at the Worlds is a good choice. He also believes the selectors have got it right, from what he said. Interestingly David commented that Australia has 30 riders who could rightly be selected in our


    Herewith are the state team lists for the 1976 Australian Amateur Road Titles held around the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. The course went up the Anderson St Hill from the river so 180 kilometres up that sharp hill would have been pretty hard. Remo Sansonetti was the winner and i think Sal was third.

    Johnnie Walker riding Vuelta

    Written by Mal Sawford CCCC's Johnnie Walker is making his grand tour debut with the Footon-Servetto team at the Tour of Spain, which started overnight with a 10pm team time trial under lights. The opening stage was won by HTC Columbia, and Johnnie and his team mates finished 57 seconds in arrears. SBS has

    GEELONG 100 MILES 1963

    This is the field for the Geelong 100 in 1963. My brother Terry who is three years older than me was in this race off limit. He was new to cycling was married very young and got little time to train cos of young wife,kids. I was in the Junior race as it was


    I see Stefan Schumacher has served his time and now ready to race again, good on him. Other's may not agree my view but it's good you don't set the rules. Anyone who thinks bikes is the only sport impacted by drugs is a fool. At least bikes acknowledges it short falls and deals


    This is the Amateur field in the Victorian 100 Kilo Title around the outside of the Warnambool Horse Racing Track in 1966. The day prior had won the Camperdown 100k Open Handicap off 13 minutes and was confident I could stay with the better riders. I think the circuit was about 5 k's around