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Month: April 2010


I have just been looking at a series of photographs by Josiah Ng on facebook. These relate to the Kerien series in Japan and give us good insight into the preparation etc. all very formal.


The other day I heard that Mark French won a case for incorrect comments printed about him. Since I returned to cycling I have heard cyclists make comments about this or that person taking drugs, in their view. Those sorts of comments made in my presents have copped a harsh words as it is


No I have not vanished just been too stuffed each night to get on the computer. Riding a bike is one thing but gardening after 11 to 12 weeks is bloody hard going. Anyway I am getting by okay and my trip today to physio Gary went okay and one more visit in 2


Have a look on the TFM-Celtic Décor website and see BIG John Cain pulling faces cos his toast got pinched ha ha!Then have a look at Cadel's win the other day. You can't do what he did unless your a true champion. Looking at his finish I reckon Cadel will ride with more confidence


Good to read about the club KFC rides back on again. I note the ave speed around 30kph. Interestingly when I did CCCC rides with Mick Hollingworth and Co in the mid 60's we averaged about the same speed 18 or 19 mph. Our domestic races were much longer than today so even after


Talk about gentleman's hours, I am leaving at about 10.00am to ride up the bike path. Going on my road bike just to see how I manage it but hopefully okay. Been working since Tuesday getting into it again but I know it will be some months before my body back to normal. However


I have looked through the time's for events at the recent Australian Masters Track Titles. Recall writing a couple of years back that standards would continue to improve. Some very classy gifted riders, like David Willmott are excellent in whatever age group they ride. Having said this depth is coming from the younger age


Another very good performance by Simon in the Giro Del Trentino stage race. Overall Simon came in 42nd at 13 mins 2 secs. In stage 2 Simon along with many others lost 10 minutes. In stage 3 he came 5th at 2 seconds and stage 4 was away all day in a break, with

Sunday bunch rides start tomorrow

Written by Mal Sawford Looking for a bunch ride tomorrow? Why not join us on CCCC's traditional Sunday morning training ride, aka The KFC Bunch. The perfect way to recover after a tough race the day before, while getting more miles in your legs, and getting to know more of your fellow Club Members


Last night I was told of rider poor behaviour in a race on Sunday. Apparently a rider cut across from one side to the other and in doing so hit the wheel in front. The person I spoke to has only recently recovered from a bad fall and was very lucky not to be