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Month: June 2009


Tomorrow night on the track again and looking forward to the hit out. If you have time just come along and see what it's about. Cheers and safe riding.


Well going to bed now to get up at 4.00am and go for a ride if conditions dry. Going to be windy but that's okay as long as it's not wet. Hope your day has been good and ride safely. Cheers.


I see on Jorg Jaksche expects this years Tour de France winner to do it on performance enhancing drugs. It is amazing that everyone who either admits to taking drugs or gets caught taking drugs in cycling deflects to everyone else. To make widespread statements like that really, to me is only trying


Tomorrow a sleep in till 7.00am what a nice change but really I have no problem getting up on the days Iám going out. In actual fact once I move to Ringwood might leave home earlier will see. A day off after 3 good solid rides will be good for my old legs to


Today I see from Blackburn's results Michael Day won B grade in the TT up the 1 in 20 with a time of 14 mins 42 sec. Overall his time placed him a close 6th with the A graders included. That looks like a pretty good time up that climb. Well done Michael and


This morning wshilst at Cafe Racer enjoying a coffee and egg & bacon roll I read about Don Allan in today's Herald Sun. Don had really ridden at his best in the period I was out of bikes but having read about his performances in a book of Rupert Guinnes plus what his friends


This morning we rode down Blackburn and Westall Rds to Frankston and a bit bloody cold even if I do rug up a lot. Listening to the radio before leaving the wind chill factor was -2c. I tell you riding down the dips on Blackburn Rd and down near the Chelsea Swamp it was

6 Month Licenses now available

Written by Mal Sawford For both new and non-renewed members, Cycling Australia has discounted the membership fee for licenses that cover the remainder of the 2009 year. Licenses can be purchased online, go to for simple instructions. Licenses can also be purchased at every CCCC event, or contact Mal to make other arrangements.


Anyone who thinks they can do well in the sport of cycle racing without doing plenty of hard work is dreaming. Whether young or old, male or female there is no good talking about what you may or may not do, if you don't train hard. Since I first took up cycling in 1959


In my view ASO are fair in not wanting Boonen in the Tour de France. I would reckon that kids in Belguim and France follow star riders like kids here follow our footballers. I don't agree with guys being put out of races based on rumour. With regard Tom Boonen, Cocaine is not a