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Month: December 2008


I see Chris Hoy has been knighted and will be Sir Chris. His team mates have also won awards in the new years honours. Good on the Brits they deserve their rewards for such great performances at the Olympics. Over the years Britain has had many champions in cycling but have never been strong


Dave Sanders is coming up with some photos of himself with old Hilton racing. Davo said he had long hair and skinny legs. I can accept the long hair but I don't think Dave would ever have had skinny legs. Look forward to getting hold of these. We would like some photos of the


Good to see the National ID youngsters doing well in Tassie. Madison Hammond, Aaron Box & Aaron Cooper and Tess Downing and Ben Sanders in the VIS. Rick Sanders also did well the other day and on very limited track riding. Rick is fast catching up to Ben in height. John Beasley does so


In the morning we are leaving the Burvale at 7.00 am, a more respectable time of day as Bruce cannot get up and I don't mind anyway. Col gets up at 3.00am but he can play draughts with some American bloke for a few hours to fill in time. If I cannot ride an


At the Victorian Titles Bob Farley, Hilton , Dave and yours truly were talking about endurance riders chasing with their hands on the top of the bars. The bars designed for this style of riding must do the job otherwise why would good riders use them? we see young riders on standard bars chasing


This morning was a 3.50 am get up to meet Col at 5.15 at Officeworks. My trip is 10 kms to get there prior to the actual ride. Spitting rain when I left but painter assured me I was wasting my time wearing jackets. Bloody hell it was like July weather when I left.


Looking at the history photos of Mick Hollingworth and Tom Moloney plus others these were quality riders who would match it with our best today. Back then Pros & Amateurs raced separately so the very top riders were divided into two groups. It is a fact that the depth today of top quality riders

Club History updated

Written by Adam King Big thanks to Tom Moloney and Mick Hollingworth for providing some excellent photos for the Club History page. Remember, if you have anything you would like to submit then please email


Getting like a roadie with another ride this morning. Not riding really hard so legs are okay and will keep it up for a few more days if weather dry. Going to watch the Bay Crits this year with no racing on for me, which is good. A lot of riders out on the


This morning Michael Day & Dennis Bowen-Day asked me what my next hit out is? For Michael he is going to train for the Baw Baw Classic and Dennis is going to work on a faster 500TT which would then see him start faster in the 2000 metre pursuit. What are you doing? Me,