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Month: May 2008


I share this information with you not to say “what a good boy am I” but to show clearly how improvement can always be made whether age is a factor or not. Herewith is a Lactate test carried out in 2003, when I was 57 years of age and 29th May 2008 being 5


I have not been blogging for a day or so as Adam has been doing what IT experts do to improve the service, so back we are. I did not attend DISC on Wednesday night as my lactate test was yesterday (more on the lactate test to come) but I understand there was a

Northcote CC @ DISC – 2008-05-29

Written by Craig Neiwand Results Round 22  : 29th May 2008 A Grade – Scratch race 1 Stuart Vaughan (Hawthorn) 2 Adrian Hanson (Burnie) 3 Shaun Collins (CCCC) A Grade – Points race 1 Adrian Hanson (Burnie) 2 Stuart Vaughan (Hawthorn) 3 Maddison Hammond (Northcote) A Grade – Motor pace 1 Stuart Vaughan (Hawthorn)


Tonight I did a 45 minute session on my ergo which is a 7 speed unit with cadence meter affixed. Did 20 minutes warm up which is best for an old bloke like me (younger riders only need 10 minutes) Did 30 seconds spinning at between 145 and 160 cadence but can only hold


I read with interest a debate between a couple of blokes in a cyclingnews article about training on light or heavy bikes. You can speak to a number of people and they will have differing views and often quite valid. Here is what I know and believe: I told you some time ago that


If you go into C1939 BOARD TRACK NORTH ESSENDON you will be able to look at a series of photographs, about 35 in all. They include North Essendon which is a picture on the wall you can click into plus a number of other photos of Opperman at the indoor sports stadium in NSW


No I am not riding in the morning a rest day with ergo at night doing speed efforts. Looking forward to sleep in even though I go to bed early with early starts. One thing that is a fact and that is an old bloke cannot back up with longish rides every day and


Talking to John Pritchard on the early morning ride today John told me about his grandfather. John Arthur Pritchard rode the Warrnambool to Melbourne and finished in 1908 and 1910 and John has both of grandad’s Medals for both of these events. John told me he is interested in riding the Warrnambool this year


Bruce Will turned 61 TODAY. Happy Birthday Bruce from all your cycling friends and we look forward to seeing you as a regular back on your bike.


Left at 5.45am down to Frankston by 7.10 then back up to Mordialloc met Dan Ives then Col and back to St Kilda. Not prepared to sit out in cold at Cafe Racer so went around the corner to Big Mouth and had breakfast or morning tea for me. Clint rang then turned up