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  • 25/02/2017 – Club Track Championships 1:00 pm
  • 26/02/2017 – Glenvale Criteriums 8:30 am
  • 28/02/2017 – Sandown Twilight Crits 6:30 pm
  • 05/03/2017 – Glenvale Criteriums 8:30 am
  • 12/03/2017 – Round 2 of CCCC v’s SKCC Shield St Kilda CC Circuit Sth Melb 7:15 am

Month: April 2008


Last week Clint asked me why I started writing on the club website. Initially Mal would write up Masters stuff but he always has a lot on and so in the main he started to let me do the writing. I would write stuff, results and some articles send it to Mal or Simon

Hilton Clarke and Trent Lowe on top in the USA

Written by Congratulations to Hilton Clarke, who took a big win for the Toyota United team at the  Beaufort Memorial Cycling Classic in South Carolina, a round of the USA Crits Speedweek series. Hilton bested a field of 140 just two days after completing the tough Tour of Georgia. Full details: Trent Lowe

Winter road training ride resumes

Written by Mal Sawford This weekend sees the regular Sunday morning "KFC bunch" ride resume. Starting point is the KFC at the corner of Police Road, Princes Highway and Springvale Road at 8am, although another popular place to meet the bunch is the corner of Edithvale Road and Station Street at around 8.30 (be

CCCC/SHM 3rd at the Damien McDonald Memorial

Written by Mal Sawford On a cold, wet and windy day at Lang Lang, the CCCC/SHM Elite team recorded a terrific third place behind the VIS and Drapac Porsche. Vaughan Bowman, team captain for the race, made the early break of 6 (and monopolised the photographic coverage) before bonking on the final climb. Three


Training at DISC tomorrow night although I wont be there as I am crook at present. If you are not sure whether you want to do winter training or not then perhaps just come along and have a look see. It gets bloody cold on that track in winter so no matter when you


When our son completed and past his VCE we let him run full time , however he did do a Government course, not degree that qualified him to work in a gym. Tim also qualified in massage and to this day is quite a good masseur, well I think so. I hear all around


Reading the book on 6 day racing I see a lot of the riders using one inch pitch chain rings and chains. As a kid in cycling I remember seeing a lot of the Richmond pros riding inch pitch on their track bikes. As a kid I had bugger all money but I worked


Sometimes people will offer advice when in fact they know very little about the subject. It is true I have ridden a mountain bike but would not have a clue how to give advice on that arm of cycling. I have had riders say to me recently, oh so and so told me this


Thank you to those who send me E-mails and tell me personally that they read my blog. At times they may not be well worded and crook spelling but you understand what I say. When you write stuff you can be a sitting duck re your comments but sometimes things said "tongue in cheek"are

NCC Winter Double Stakes

Written by Craig Neiwand Northcote Cycling Club Winter Double Stakes Simply race 4 out of 5 Thursday Nights at DISC in May 2008 to be eligible for DOUBLE the DIVIDENDS in June 2008. Double prize money paid out respectively in the month of June 2008, ONLY if 4 out 5 Thursday nights in May