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  • 25/02/2017 – Club Track Championships 1:00 pm
  • 26/02/2017 – Glenvale Criteriums 8:30 am
  • 28/02/2017 – Sandown Twilight Crits 6:30 pm
  • 05/03/2017 – Glenvale Criteriums 8:30 am
  • 12/03/2017 – Round 2 of CCCC v’s SKCC Shield St Kilda CC Circuit Sth Melb 7:15 am

Month: February 2008

Jenny Mac at the Geelong Tour and World Cup

Written by Jenny Macpherson Hi all, Well I know you've probably already read Peta's blog on the racing side of the Women's Geelong Tour and World Cup, but my story is a little different. I had asked myself several times what the hell I was thinking riding with the Landlink team for International racing

Kathy Watt Bright Training Camp

Written by Carey Hall   KATHY WATT CYCLING presents Training Camp in the MountainsLabour Day weekend 07th – 10th March A cycling camp with Olympic athletes and coaches. The camp is designed to help you improve your cycling fitness and knowledge of the sport. Welcome to all cyclists from recreational to racing cyclists (A

Important information for all Crit Riders

Written by Mal Sawford CCCC's crits are the biggest game in town. We're renowned for professionally run, fun and safe races, with a grading system that ensures riders compete at a level that is both challenging for their fitness and suitable for their level of experience. Important information to all riders Licenses Every rider

The O’Mara Cycles Summer Track Series at CCCC

Written by Grant Boydell That great supporter of local cycling, O'Mara Cycles have generously offered to sponsor the final day and the prizes for the CCCC Summer Track Series. With double points available to all riders, the results are not yet decided and some very exciting racing will be seen. Come along to race or Leader Board 26/2

Written by Mal Sawford Andrew Stalder's fourth successive win at Sandown has seen him break the 200 point barrier, a feat which has never been achieved since the summer season's inception. Andrew Stadler CCCC 202 Anthony Smith CCCC 101 Daniel Petrovic CCCC 95 Dylan Boone CCCC 87 Eric Sheppard CCCC 84 Matt Chessum CCCC 83 Luke





On Saturday night I saw youngsters race I have not seen before and I will tell you about a few in time. Amy Cure of Devonport won every race she rode and won each race well. This young lady will develop into a top liner in the next few years. She has endurance and


It is quite incredible that Mario Cipollini has ridden the Tour of California in what looked like tough conditions when others years younger pulled the pin. Yes, he is probably very well paid by Rock Racing but for a man his age ( I think 41 ) to be motivated enough to make a


Whist I don’t begin to understand the politicking between the UCI and ASO I cannot understand the logic in the continuing disputes. For mine the UCI is the controlling body and this should be respected by race organiser’s and promoters etc. Yes they are probably not always right but issues can always be sorted


Tonight I raced at Sandown but the race was not enjoyable at all. For some reason the field was quite twitchy with some silly moves being made. In one instance a rider persisted in riding up onto the hump (with the blue markings on it) around the left hander heading to Dunlop bridge (well

Bianchi Brand Manager Wanted

Written by Jonathon Nunan Our Bianchi Brand Manager, Andrew Eames has had to unfortunately return to Sydney for family reasons, which means we urgently require someone to fill his shoes.  It's an important and exciting role as it involves driving and managing sales for one of the world's, if not the most, iconic cycling brands,