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  • 25/02/2017 – Club Track Championships 1:00 pm
  • 26/02/2017 – Glenvale Criteriums 8:30 am
  • 28/02/2017 – Sandown Twilight Crits 6:30 pm
  • 05/03/2017 – Glenvale Criteriums 8:30 am
  • 12/03/2017 – Round 2 of CCCC v’s SKCC Shield St Kilda CC Circuit Sth Melb 7:15 am

Month: October 2007


On reflection Lawrence I am probably a bit harsh about rider comments at times. However, regarding Masters World Titles we range in age from 30 plus to 70 plus which in actual fact is 40 years gap and a greater span than Junior, Elite age groups. Nearly every Masters rides as Amateurs, a few

Sandown Twilight racing is underway

Written by Mal Sawford Round 2 of the presented by High End Cycles Summer Series Sandown Twilight Criteriums, Tuesday October 30, 2007 CCCC returned to the fantastic Sandown raceway circuit – a 3.2km motor racing circuit featuring ten turns and a long drag up the back straight. The circuit not only tests riders


What a wonderful rider is Erik Zabel. He races just about everything on the road calendar from February through to October and then fronts out for a couple of Six Day races. I know he would get god appearance money but to have the mental strength to front up to the hurley burley of

CCCC/SHM Elite team report from the Warrny

Written by Brendan Rowbotham The 2007 edition of the Melbourne to Warrnambool has been and gone for another year, and from race reports I have heard from various sources, it was not without the usual high drama and excitement that is associated with this race. The CCCC/SHM Elite Team rolled out with 157 other

There’s a shorter way to Warrnambool!

Written by Mal Sawford Finishing in Raglan Parade a few hours ahead of the main race, the Bill Long Memorial Camperdown to Warrnambool is one of the biggest races on the VVCC calendar, and two CCCC members enjoyed success riding for their vets clubs. Grant Edmonds (Geelong), riding from the 10 minute mark, finished

A long, hot day on the road to Warrnambool

Written by Mal Sawford Finishing the Warrny in any year is a major achievement, but the combination this year of hot weather, cross winds and crashes made reaching the finish a very memorable occaision for the following CCCC riders. Commiserations to Nigel Kimber and Mark Kelly who both crashed out, with Nigel reportedly breaking

Drug Testing

Some interesting letters to Read one by Heather Williams and another by Danny Autrey. If riders are going to be rubbed out for doping then EVERYTHING must stand full scrutiny. I have stated before that alleged leaked data is not on and riders must all get treated fairly. Just read the letters and

Race 2 of the CCCC track aggregate

Written by Grant Boydell A good field of 22 juniors and 9 seniors took to the track with clear skies, over 30 degrees and a brisk North wind. Split into 4 (and a bit) grades, we had excellent competitive racing throughout. Starting with the Scratch races, it was good to see a couple of

Very windy and very tough at Glenvale

Written by Mal Sawford   After a very long day (and night) following the Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic, regular readers will have to excuse the brevity of today's race report. An afternoon nanna nap beckons! Despite the forecast of morning rain, and some dark clouds around, no rain fell at Glenvale, but the extremely


I will write about the Pursuit as soon as possible. Have been very busy since returning from the Worlds plus my computer would not link to the server for a day of so. One thing remember when you look at the times of some guys/girls in the pursuit. This event really requires a lot