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    Jenny Macpherson makes her debut for Elk Haus

    Written by CJ Farquharson

    Jenny Macpherson made her debut for Austrian-based pro team, Elk Haus on
    Friday in the World Cup race held in Vårgårda in Sweden.

    She lined up with Helen Kelly and her other team-mates, looking at home in
    the green and red colours. On a draining course, 11 laps of just over 11km
    circuit, the real story was the battle for the World Cup lead, mixed with a
    very patriotic crowd willing Susanne Ljungskog to a 'home' win. This was the
    first year the race was a World Cup, but last year's winner of the same
    race, Aussie, Olivia Gollan did not finish. Jenny came in 19th, in the
    bunch – a creditable finish on a hard day. It was cloudy, then hot and
    sunny, then it rained, so the riders had it all to contend with on a circuit
    which was narrow and twisting with an 800m climb each lap.

    Susanne Ljungskog won in a great sprint from Emma Rickards' team-mate,
    Nicole Cooke. It was a popular win with the crowd,  Ljungskog was cheered
    down the street as she walked to the presentation ceremony.

    Club member, Emma Rickards was not planned to ride this event. She races
    next in France in the Trophee D'Or, I think.

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    All the best

    CJ Farquharson

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